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Full details of my teaching experience can be found on my CV

I was awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education in 2021.

Graduate Seminars

Foundations in Political Theory (Oxford)

Undergraduate Lectures

Themes in Kant’s Moral and Political Philosophy (Oxford):


Lecture 1: Right and ethics

Lecture 2: The state of nature

Lecture 3: Citizenship

Lecture 4: Punishment 


Theory of Politics [sample reading list] (Oxford)

Introduction to Political Theory (LSE)

Introduction to the Theory of Politics (Oxford)

Kant (Oxford)

Kant's ethics and political philosophy [sample reading list] (Oxford)
Ethics [
sample reading list] (Oxford)
Early Modern Philosophy [
sample reading list] (Oxford)

Leibniz (Oxford)
General Philosophy (Oxford)
Introduction to Ethics (Toronto)

Political Philosophy (Toronto)

Reason and Truth (Toronto)

Introduction to Philosophy (Toronto)

Bioethics (Toronto)
Global Bioethics (Toronto)

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