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Teaching experience

Graduate Seminars

Foundations in Political Theory (Oxford)

Undergraduate Lectures

Themes in Kant’s Moral and Political Philosophy (Oxford):

Lecture 1: Right and ethics

Lecture 2: The state of nature

Lecture 3: Citizenship

Lecture 4: Punishment 


Theory of Politics [sample reading list] (Oxford)

Introduction to Political Theory (LSE)

Introduction to the Theory of Politics (Oxford)

Kant (Oxford)

Kant's ethics and political philosophy [sample reading list] (Oxford)
Ethics [
sample reading list] (Oxford)
Early Modern Philosophy [
sample reading list] (Oxford)

Leibniz (Oxford)
General Philosophy (Oxford)
Introduction to Ethics (Toronto)

Political Philosophy (Toronto)

Reason and Truth (Toronto)

Introduction to Philosophy (Toronto)

Bioethics (Toronto)
Global Bioethics (Toronto)

Sample class slides

GV100: Introduction to Political Theory (2021-2022):

Fall term week 1: No class.

Fall term week 2: Introduction to GV100 classes

Fall term week 3: Plato on justice

Fall term week 4: Aristotle's politics 

Fall term week 5: Machiavelli on the nature of politics

Fall term week 6: Reading week

Fall term week 7: Hobbes and the state of nature

Fall term week 8: Hobbes and sovereignty

Fall term week 9: Locke, property and state authority

Fall term week 10: No slides due to strike action

Fall term week 11: Rousseau's social contract


Winter term week 1: Kant on perpetual peace

Winter term week 2: Kant on cosmopolitanism and race

Winter term week 3: The Federalist Papers

Winter term week 4: Mill: On liberty, feminism, democracy

Winter term week 5: No slides due to strike action

Winter term week 6: Reading week

Winter term week 7: Marx on alienation

Winter term week 8: Marx on historical materialism

Winter term week 9: Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morality

Winter term week 10: Arendt on totalitarianism 

Winter term week 11: No slides due to strike action.

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