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Articles and chapters

Authority and acquisition: Kant on property in the state of nature 

Property Law and Theory, Edward Elgar Publishing

(contracted, forthcoming)

Active citizenship and Kantian republicanism

Humanity and Personality in Kant (2023) Routledge. 161-79.

Kant on civil self-sufficiency

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, 105:1 (2023) 118-140

Whence 'honeste vive'?

European Journal of Philosophy, 29:2 (2021) 323- 338

Kant on welfare: 5 unsuccessful defences

Kantian Review, 25:1 (2020) 1- 25

A Kantian Defense of the Right to Health Care

Kantian Theory and Human Rights (2014) Routledge. 70-88.


A paper on Kant and duties to self (under review)

The primacy of duties to self in §2 of the Doctrine of Virtue

Paper for the 2024 Kant Congress

Book reviews


Review of Jakob Huber's Kant's Grounded Cosmopolitanism

Jurisprudence (2023) 1-8


Other writing

Child Euthanasia Should Be Allowed

Opposing Viewpoints: Euthanasia (2015) Gale: Cengage Learning. 35-40.

Should Vegetarians Consider Eating Insects?

Alternative Diets (2015) Cambridge: Independence Educational Publishers. 32-33.

Let Needs Increase so that Rights May Prosper

Noumena: Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy 1:1 (2011) 68-90.

Narrative Ethics and Decision Making Capacity

Arete: The Undergraduate Philosophy Journal of Rutgers University 3:1 (2010) 37-48.



Kant on citizenship

DPhil thesis, University of Oxford, 2019

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