A full copy of my CV can be downloaded here


2018-2021. LSE Fellow in Government, London School of Economics and Political Science


2014-2019. DPhil in Philosophy, University of Oxford

Title: Kant on Citizenship

Supervisors: Ralf Bader, Ralph Walker

Examiners: Jens Timmermann, Thomas Sinclair 

2015-2016. Visiting student, Goethe University (Frankfurt am Main)

2012-2014. BPhil in Philosophy, University of Oxford

2006-2011. BA (hons), Philosophy, University of Toronto


Forthcoming. Kant on civil self-sufficiency. Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie

Forthcoming. Active citizenship and Kantian republicanism, in Humanity and Personality in Kant: theoretical, moral and anthropological perspectives, eds. Luigi Caranti and Fernando Silva. Hildesheim: Georg Olms Verlag.

2020. Whence 'honeste vive'?, European Journal of Philosophy. Advanced online publication.

2020. Kant on Welfare: 5 unsuccessful defences, Kantian Review 25 (1): 1-25.

2015. Child Euthanasia Should Be Allowed, in Opposing Viewpoints: Euthanasia, Gale: Cengage Learning. 35-40.

2014. A Kantian Defense of the Right to Health Care, in Kantian Theory and Human Rights, eds. Andreas Føllesdal and Reidar Maliks. New York: Routledge. 70-88.



Unilateral choice, property acquisition, and independence

Political theory research seminar, London School of Economics and Political Science

Kant on provisional rights and the state: three theses

Beyond the State and the Citizen, University of Economics, Prague


Kant on civil self-sufficiency 

(i) Humanity and personality in Kant, University of Lisbon, and

(ii) New readings of Kant's political philosophy, University of Buenos Aires [invited]


The feeling of honour in the Doctrine of Right

Kant and the contemporary world: philosophy, science, politics, University of Catania

Kant on the independence of citizens
Kant’s legal and political philosophy work
shop, University of Oslo [invited]


The Kantian Proviso
(i) ECPR General Conference, University of Oslo, and
(ii) Kant Colloquium, University of St. Andrews [invited]

Slavery and Self-ownership in the Doctrine of Right
Leuven Kant Conference, Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven

Kant’s Two Arguments Against Self-Ownership
(i) Warwick Graduate Conference in Legal and Political Theory, and

(ii) The Ockham Society, University of Oxford and
(iii) LSE Graduate Political Theory Conference


Commentary on L.P. Hodgson's Kantian Right and Ideal Justice

Kant, Rights and the State, University of Oxford

Whence ‘Honeste Vive’?
Annual PhD Kant Workshop, Martin Luther Universität Halle-Wittenburg


Grounding Human Rights
Meetings on Ethics and Political Philosophy, University of Minho

Kant’s Argument for the Formula of Humanity and the Dualism of Practical Reason

Leuven Kant Conference, Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven

Are There Juridical Laws in Kant’s Moral Philosophy?

Graduate Workshop in Kant’s Political Philosophy, LSE

The Structure, Grounds and Content of Human Rights

Political Theory Research Seminar, University of Oxford


Kant and the Freedom of Citizens
Moral and Political Philosophy Workshop, University College London

Child Euthanasia? Three Arguments Against, Criticised
Graduate Student and Alumni Speaker Series, Brasenose College, Oxford


Emotion, Akrasia, and Decision-Making Capacity in Cases of Anorexia Nervosa

Practical Ethics Discussion Group, University of Oxford, Department of Philosophy


A Kantian Defence of the Right to Health Care
(i) The Ockham Society, University of Oxford, and
(ii) Graduate Conference on Kant and Human Rights Jurisprudence, University of Oslo


Kant’s Rejection of Leibniz’s Principle of the Identity of Indiscernibles
Undergraduate Conference, Philosophy Department, State University of New York at Oneonta


Commentary on Joe Kirby’s Freedom and the Environmental Crisis

Graduate Conference, University of Toronto [invited]

‘If he has committed murder, he must die’?: Kant’s View of Punishment in the Doctrine of Right Philosophy Undergraduate Research Conference, University of Toronto


Aspect Perception and Understanding the Meaning of Words in the Philosophical Investigations

Critical Reflections, Philosophy Department, University of Windsor


Let Needs Increase that Rights May Prosper: Strengthening Henry Shue’s Account of Basic Rights Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, University of Toronto Scarborough


Addicted Bodies, Disciplined Communities
Voices of Communities, the 21st Annual Canadian Bioethics Society Conference

Communicative Action, Disciplinary Power, and Addiction
Philosophy Undergraduate Research Conference, University of Toronto

A Critical Analysis of Robert Levine’s Concept of First-Person Informed Consent

Critical Reflections, Philosophy Department, University of Windsor

Awards and distinctions

2019. Visiting researcher, University of Buenos Aires​.

2018. Thomas Bowman Fund, Merton College, Oxford. 

2018. Doctoral Completion Bursary, Merton College, Oxford. 

2017. Philosophy faculty graduate lecturing scheme participant, University of Oxford.

2017. Graduate research expense grant, Merton College, Oxford.

2017. Graduate research expense grant, Merton College, Oxford.

2017. Travel award, Philosophy department, University of Oxford.

2016. 2nd annual PhD Kant workshop participant, University of Halle. 

2015. Graduate research expense grant, Merton College, Oxford.  

2010-11. Socrates project participant, University of Toronto.

2010. C.L. Burton Scholarship, University College, University of Toronto.

2010. Winner, student abstract writing competition, Canadian Bioethics Society.

2009-10. Honours seminar participant, Philosophy department, University of Toronto.