GV 100

This i​s a page for my GV100 students at the LSE.


Here you can find the pdfs for our tutorials. These are simply meant to provide a passage or set of questions to think about for each week. They do not at all represent an alternative to doing the readings.


The pdfs will be uploaded on the Monday before our tutorials.

Plato: (i) Ring of Gyges, (ii) Philosopher Kings? 

Aristotle: (i) Criticism of Plato, (ii) Aristotle on the state


Machiavelli: (i) The problem of dirty hands

Hobbes: (i) Hobbes on wronging, (ii) Hobbes on covenants

Locke: (i) Locke on property acquisition

Rousseau: (i) Equality of what? (ii) Right of the strongest? (iii) The general will

Kant: (i) Kant's definitive articles (ii) Singer's cosmopolitan argument






Feminist Critique:

Essay writing: here is a pdf I have written, and here is an excellent resource written by Jim Pryor.