This i​s a page for my GV100 students at the LSE.


Here you can find the slides for our classes. These are simply meant to provide a structure for our discussions each week. They do not at all represent an alternative to doing the readings.

Essay writing: here is a pdf I have written, and here is an excellent resource written by Jim Pryor.

MT Week 2: Introduction to the classes and Plato on justice

MT Week 3: Plato on justice and philosopher kings

MT Week 4: Aristotle on the naturalness of the polis

MT Week 5: Machiavelli on the nature of politics

MT Week 7: Hobbes on the state of nature, Leviathan frontispiece

MT Week 8: Hobbes on sovereignty

MT Week 9: Locke on property rights

MT Week 10: Rousseau's second Discourse and the problem of social dependence

MT Week 11: Rousseau's social contract

LT Week 1: Kant on perpetual peace

LT Week 2: Kant: cosmopolitanism and the concept of race

LT Week 3: Mill on liberty 

LT Week 4: Mill on representative government

LT Week 5: Marx on alienation

LT Week 7: Marx and Luxemburg on capitalism and history

LT Week 8: Arendt on totalitarianism

LT Week 9: Fanon on colonialism and violence 

LT Week 10: Nkrumah on neocolonialism 

LT Week 11: Feminism and the critique of the canon